Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cooking (Last post of 2009)

Finally completed..haha^^
Frying the chicken chop with butter
Cooking the mushroom sauce
Noel is pouring the cream
Kevin C is cooking..haha
Foong Leng jie jie is cooking mushroom sauce...nice but sour...
A suddenly my friends said wanna cook chicken chop, so i dint take my dinner after i dismiss... so i was waiting them and chit chatting with friends, wait wait wait already 8pm they just finished buying the ingredient, and suddenly give me a call said "Jyef, my house got no gas already, can i cook at your kitchen?" =.=", by that time already 8.45pm... so they come and cook in my house, these are the cooking process...finished cooking was already 9.45pm. and i took my dinner at 9.45pm... damn hungry lea... and i just eat once piece only...but the chicken chop is quite nice, my friend 1st time make it... but the mushroom sauce is a bit sour...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie Night

Finally is my turn to watch Avatar 3D, heard a lot of my friends said this movie is nice...
but, i cant even get the ticket, all the cinema were fully booking, so i booked last Thursday for today ticket, luckily i got it... but have to go earlier, if not the ticket will release for other people, so after dismiss, the 1st thing is rush back and shower then straight away to cinema...haha...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Walked 12 hours in Singapore

Clarke Quay
Riverside Point
Golden Xmas Tree at Clarke Quay
Taiwan Pork Ball
Big Bell
7 eleven

Ngee Ann City
China Town description (I dont understand) haha
Ferrero Rocher Xmas Tree
China Town
Big Giant Xmas Tree
Inside the giant Xmas Tree

All size are available here...hahaXmas Tree in a Shopping Mall
Orchard RoadXmas tree on roof
Singapore cab(colorful)
Turkish ice-cream (the ice-cream man very interesting)
Sitting and looking around the River taxi is here
Sex Toys Shop (Under 21 are not allowed to enter)
Can you see the pentagon Building?
Prada's Model
Before Going back
Wake up early in the morning prepare everything and start our journey...

the big giant Christmas tree is really damn big weih, is almost reached 3 floors of the shopping mall already, inside the Christmas tree i tell you is really very nice, is light is blinking is like crystal everywhere.

For the Clinic cafe, the decoration is really like a clinic, which mean you are eating inside the clinic, got wheel chair, operation light, patient bed, and the waitress are wearing operation cloth.

Turkish ice-cream, is the funniest thing, the turkish guy is selling ice-cream, but he play a trick with his customer, very very funny, after he scooped the ice-cream and reached the customer hand that time the scoop of ice-cream was dissapeared, left the con. haha...

Sex toys shop - Wow, damn interesting this shop, selling different kind of sex toys, tools and condom. is quite Expensive... but i think a lot of people buying it...haha

Orchard road - there are a lot of people walking, branded things are selling there, the walking junction got people selling icecream, quite nice...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Till Christmas Day

Just Finished lunch with Colleague at "Face to Face", the decoration of the shop has Christmas tree, but damn small... ok, never mind.... so we are eating and talk about the girl sitting beside us... i told kevin, she is salesgirl or maybe is something like direct selling...haha

A suddenly, dong dong qiang dong dong qian (Chinese New Year Song) has been played by the servant over there... both of started to laugh, and said tomorrow is Christmas day now playing CNY song!!!=.="...

any way i can feel the Chinese new year is coming...

Time is nearer and nearer i start getting excited, because Christmas is coming...

Reached home 1st thing is to check all the cinema for the movie Avatar 3D, but all the cinema were fully reserved...bit dissapointed...then choose to watch another movie which is Treasure Hunter at 12.30am...

after booking, went dinner with noel at T.G.I Friday...No parking, we parked at the road eve, so we must order a set we ordered a set of Jack Daniel Glazed Ribs with appetizer n dessert.
The Menu
Main Dish
Wow, Like a comb? haha nono it is a Rib...
The environment
Finally finished...Very full..
Eating bone
Wah...nice lea...
Jyef's plate
Noel's plate
You want some?^^
After dinner we went Movie at Sunway Pyramid by that time already 12am which is Christmas Day... very Jam, luckily i still can get my movie ticket... have you seen 12am shopping mall still full with people? I show you...Even parking also hard to get.... i saw some cars parked nearby the car park ticket machine...=.=" main point is 12am there are still a lot of people... all of them were celebrating Christmas...and some were waiting for the me...hehe^^...

12am This level that i am going in just left 2...
See the car can't find his parking
Counting Down and celebrating Christmas
This is what i have mentioned just now 12am in the midnight shopping mall full of peopleCinema Full of people tooI am here to wish all of you
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year