Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday night (27/nov/2010)

Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Tonight

Having Dinner While waiting for the show

Karen waiting for the dishes

Hot boiled Coke with Ginger, ice lemon tea and the herbal Jelly

Hot boiled Coke with ginger (Never order this before, because i was sick)

Karen and Noel are eating

This is mine, Chicken Cheese Baked pasta

Show not yet start, so sitting in Starbuck coffee while waiting

Golden Screen at Tropicana city mall

Karen with Disney Character

LOL...Playing camera inside the theater 

Where is Jyef?

Supper after the Movie, noel's favorite (MEE RAJA)

Going to 3am, but the environment look like 8pm

I Love this, forget to take the picture, after i finish eating only realize..
This is Roti Hawaii... very nice(my favorite)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Genting trip with family

Chit-chatting out side the hotel room

Going to casino~~~


RM100 Chips

Cutezzz Cousin

with balloon


Grandma with big mushroom


Mushroom Farm

Dua gu with gold

Jing with huge teapot

can u see a roulette?

Shin with me

Jing with me

woah mummy what u eating?

Gramma with Gold

Grandma n ber yi

Myvi is the best choice? LOL~~~

Cold Down

Relative's wedding dinner

Sweety Sis

All my relative members

Daddy, bro, me n sis
Mummy what are u looking?

Bride and Groom

Andrew and Yuonne
A warm embrace of congratulations and wishes of happiness for the rest of your lives.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Abit upset~~~

I've been working for one year plus... They hired me is because someone leaving... So by that time in the office has two salesman n one manager... But one month after i joined the company... All of the left... And they hired a new manager n a salesman... I am doing IT stuff... So everythig that related to IT i have to handle... No one assist me...

Today... During the meeting i my boss was complain about me, he said he got pressure followed by my manager she said she got pressure too is because of me, all is because of me, no income blame to me as well... Everything need to rush need fast... But i only got one brain... How to do it that fast... My boss owes think it is easy... He is the one saying n i m the one doing... I rushed the work for them till midnight, they dont see... They said they got presure... But they wont feel that i got presure... I really regret that i stay...

Nvm, it is a very good experience for me... I will learn n train myself stronger to defeat you...

Jyef is still moving forward!!!

Special Hannah

Hannah with mask~~~

Hannah with mask, belt and red packet
Actually i am making fun of her~~~

Monday, November 15, 2010


Crazy Belle~~~

Porsche at car park
Porsche at car park!


Choi n noel
Noel N Choi

Going crazy!!!

Blue shirt is Shelyn n i am getting crazy~~

Choi, Belle n Noel!!!

Belle n Me~~