Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Completed Cabin Hell In Aika

First of all i am here to introduce my Party members (xClaymorex, XiaoFeng, Tsucchi, Angelica and Ichigoo)
They are my fixed party in the game.

Recently we fired Ichigoo and hired DeathHit is because Ichi does not has his responsibility of doing the dungeon, everyone are ready to enter the dungeon, and yet he is ready too and press enter to the dungeon after the Buff, he straight away AFK, wat the F.... and we wasted one day for the dungeon, but this is not the 1st time he did that to us, quite alot of time he gives excuses like his mum gonna to kick him off, everytime talk about his mum this n that.....I hate Mummy Boy!!!

As for the dungeon you see above, DeathHit is not allowed to enter is because his level does not meet the requirement, so we keep forcing him to grind faster and get to the level that can enter this dungeon, so yesterday was his first time to enter this dungeon, and we got wiped at the front of the boss's room.

Anyway i got a Dress of Holy Mana from Zantorian Hell yesterday, this is really really unbelievable, i really do not expect it will drop that, but finally it dropped for me. Since the beginning until yesterday night i got 2 of it, so you guys must know how hard can get this drop... The most drop is the shyt SHIELD!!! 7 days in a row!!! even CLAY is mad too...DAMN!

Did lost mine west yesterday no drop as well, haizzzz..... killed the SIX big bosses and get nothing....

Friday, July 16, 2010


That is long long time i never update my blog already is because nothing special for me to update..... You know why??? I am a HomeBoy nowadays.... Just Playing game only, all my friend leave me away....GOSH...How come??? I am too addicted to the Game already. insanely playing the game..hahaha.. someone pull me out please...

I looked at the mirror this morning I shock myself.... "Who is this guy in the Mirror"
is like a 50 years old uncle.... =.="  HOW HOW HOW?


Help me PLEASE!!!