Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Convocation Day

Finally I have finished my degree, I am proud of myself... Wake up early in the morning I thought is still early, so i just slowly prepared and went to fetch my friends (Noel and Belle), Belle said "i teach you how to go Nilai la, from my house very easy and fast to reach de". Yes, she did, but fetch me to "Holland"... When reached Inti Nilai Campus, then Belle said "i know where to register, just follow me"... Luckily this time she dint bring me to "Hawaii"... U guess what, Nobody in the registration hall, luckily an indian girl tell me where to register for the late student, but but but, it is inside the hall, when i went into the hall every graduants were get ready, then i saw 2 girls walked toward me help me to wear my gown and mortarboard and give me a seat number. so i was walking along to my seat and all the graduants were looking at me, it was so embarrassing ... The important thing is, i was missed the group photograph...=.="... NVM, sitting there and listen to the speaker who taught the graduants what is going to do after leaving the stage. Time is getting closer and all the graduants were line up to walk into the multipurpose hall... One word to describe "Awesome", i cant imagine i can walk on a red carpet and surrounded by all the graduants's parent, i saw my daddy and mummy were waving their hand toward me... i can feel that they are proud of me....I keep walking on the red carpet until my own seat, and stand over there wait all the graduants entered the hall. I saw the professor of the Coventry University i feel so excited that he is going to award me my certificate. Suddenly, "Ng Shyh Jyef", and i walked toward professor Donald Pennington and he said Congratulation, and award me my certificate. Walking down the stage that time, i have move the mortarboard from the right to left, which mean i am no longer a student i am a graduated student. Ceremony finished that time, my parents, friends and family are waiting me outside the hall, once i step outside the hall i saw my brother was recording video of me, then my uncle, granma, aunty and friends give me the presents and flowers. after that we keep taking pictures here and there until forget about the refreshment.

Anyway i would like to thanks my daddy and mummy, thanks you all for raising me up. you all are my lovely daddy mummy... I love u dad mum...