Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dinner at Publika

As usual after work, don't know where to have dinner and wr suggested Publika... Yet everyone agreed..LOL

 This is the restaurant environment=) Can u see the draw on the wall?

 Aric's dish salmon udon

It's mine=) salty, too bad=(

WR's Dark worms...Yuck...(it is black pepper Udon)

This restaurant is located inside Food Village, has a very great vintage feel=)... one of a restaurant is playing oldies song...

After dinner we walk around the shop, and saw a very nice wall drawing.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A simple Friday night

After dismiss I suggested to have a dinner at Kim Gary, but PONG wei ren was disagreed my suggestion... (DDLY) but in the end he pity about me, and turn to Kim Gary...=)
Ordering food that time, I've listed (Exchange chicken wing to curry pork chop), and the waiter said we cannot do that for you, we only can exchange another ham for you only...
I've order twice of this dish before, I am very sure that one is a pork chop NOT ham... I don't argue with them, I just say Ok give me the ham.
When my food come, It look like this

LOL - It is Curry Pork Chop. Exactly what I want=)

After finish the food... I start taking picture with my colleages. But they refused my invitaition. Used their hand to covered their pretty and handsome face. Only Aric got confident toward himself=)...

Some of my colleages are going to play basketball so they leave earlier and ask me for supper after their basketball section.

Shanne asked me to wait for them at her boyfriend's house. While waiting for them me and Ayden are playing the Monopoly card game.

Playing Monopoly card game with Ayden.

Shanne is hardworking with her un-finish job=)

The environment of the Mamak at Kepong.

I ordered a roti canai, but.... (maybe there are too many people and the waiter forget about my food) =( 

This is my simple Friday night...

Another New Environment...

Coming soon...