Friday, March 16, 2012

Hong Kong Trip

Hong Kong trip with friends and friend's family...

It is my first time visit Hong Kong.

Before going:

Dinner at Ipoh

Penang airport:

Hong Kong 1st day Mong Kok:

"Smelly" Tofu everywhere...

I like this very much.. Chichken + Fried Pork Rice.

Walk around Mong Kok (旺角)

Night life at Lan Kwai Fong (兰桂坊)

My Supper from 7-11

2nd day -Po Lin Monastery & Hong Kong's Hall Of Fame (星光大道) :

Po Lin Monastery (80% energy gone when i reached here...IS DAMN TIRED to climb the staircase!!!)

Finally I reached the top. 

Having lunch in this restaurant

The set lunch. not bad=)

Guan yin pu sa

Hong Kong's Hall Of Fame (星光大道)

Hong Kong night view.

3rd day - Wax museum and shopping:
 山顶 - with Michelle Yeo at wax museum

Shopping street..

4th day - Wong dai sin:

 Snoopy world



Having dessert at 许留山


5th day - Hong Kong Disney Land:
 Disney train to Disney Land


With Pixie


6th day - Macao:

Portuguese food

7th day - Macao:
Breakfast at Macao

Leaving Macao

Dinner at Hong Kong

Hsiao Huey's Birthday=) Miss them so much=)

8th day - Leaving: 

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